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Get 1 Asian Handicap Tip and 1 1X2 Tip in this special plan that gives you the best of both worlds. These types of bets are two of the most profitable for bettors and now you can excel at both with this one-of-a-kind plan.

Our experts scour the world for the very best Asian Handicap and 1X2 bets and deliver them straight to your email inbox so all you have to do is place your bets.

If you have an interest in Asian Handicap Bets AND 1X2 Bets this bundle plan will allow you to excel at both.

After being a member of for a while you begin to better understand the name. Their tips win so often that you begin to wonder if all soccer matches are ‘fixed.’ They aren’t of course but you start winning so much that the thought does cross your mind.

Halvar Janson
£ 99.00
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